Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Appropriation that I used of Shakespeare is the Thai film, Shakespeare Must Die. Despite the title, the film is a direct translation of Macbeth and is set in Thailand. Shakespeare's work has many similarities to the plight of the Thai government, as the country still has a powerful monarchy and has recently experienced a turnover of prime ministers and is currently under military rule. The film, which was directed by Thai filmmaker Ing K, has been censored by the Thai government for its apparent anti-monarchy stance.

This appropriation, even if Ing K says she intended not to take any political stances, ended up being interpreted as such. This shows how, even though Thai culture and life is radically different from  Shakespeare's, his stories can be translated with efficiency. Also, it shows how backwards the Thai government remains as it still clings to a monarchy, centuries after first-world nations have abandoned the practice.

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