Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Images of Hamlet in Pippin

This past summer, I saw the amazing production of Pippin on Broadway, and there was a scene in it that certainly seemed to be inspired by Hamlet. In the first act, Pippin is convinced to murder his father, so he goes to find him praying at the church. During the scene, Pippin contemplates whether he should go through with the murder, since it might be sacreligious to kill him during prayer, which is parallel to the scene in Hamlet where Hamlet considers killing Claudius during prayer. Though the scene in Pippin is not completely consistent with the Hamlet scene (Pippin DOES end up killing Charles) it seemed to be inspired by Shakespeare's story. In addition, Pippin as a whole features a lot of Shakespearean-type language, and it certainly stuck out when I saw it in New York this past summer.

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