Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Maria Penas' post: Internet Shakespeare FAQ's: What Makes Shakespeare Great?

Internet Shakespeare FAQ's: What Makes Shakespeare Great?
"People still talk about Shakespeare and study his plays because
-- he wrote plays that are enormously rewarding to act and direct
-- his characters are endlessly interesting and impossible to reduce to a simple formula
-- his language, though now difficult, is subtle, richly varied, and eloquent
-- the plots of his plays still speak to the experiences of a modern world
 -- his plays survive translation and are performed around the world
-- he's just an amazingly good writer

There are also some less attractive reasons. Some people still talk about Shakespeare because:
-- he's famous, so you should take him seriously
-- he's famous so you would look bad if you didn't say you liked him
-- he's always been studied, so we should go on studying him"

The article then went on about aspects of Shakespeare's life that were/are interesting. The author never went into why Shakespeare is so famous as opposed to other writers.

I think Shakespeare is definitely worth his fame, but the argument missing here is that what if there were other authors worth his fame, too?

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