Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 little Shakespeare tidbits that I like-

First, I saw this one on Facebook actually. It's a Shakespeare insult generator- just choose a word from each column and you create a Shakespearian snub. It is likely that this is a popular image because Shakespeare actually established so many words (that we even use today- I could not get an image of the insult kit but here is the link: .

Second, I heard about this in AP English last year when we were reading Hamlet. Many people started talking about the similarities between Hamlet and The Lion King. After some more investigation, the two are pretty similar! Not surprising considering they are now both such classics. A little more on that: .

Finally, I just thought this video was cool- it's a Hindi production of King Lear. At one point the woman goes to touch the man's feet, which is actually an Indian tradition that you do to elders to get blessings. The director did not simply translate the script- he/she truly adopted the Indian culture, as well!

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