Monday, September 10, 2012

A Country Star's Lyrics

Any country fans out there? - specifically, Taylor Swift fans? To write yet another love song, Swift fell back on the oldest love story of all time, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, for the lyrics of her song "Love Story." The song, and single of her 2008 album Fearless, transcends the concept of true love into the 21st century by renewing and modernizing the romantic image of the "star-crossed lovers." The music video enhances the song's transcending message of love by visually presenting the past and the present. Initially set in a present-day school with a teenage couple, the music video flashes back to the time of Romeo and Juliet, and has the present-day couple assume the roles of infamous lovers. This consequently, establishes the timelessness of love, and well, recaptures the classic story associated with true love - Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

The link first link is the "Love Story" music video. The second link is the song played with scenes from  the movie Romeo and Juliet (1968).

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