Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/5: Into the Mousetrap (Group 1 Post by Terrence Hawkes)

Into the Mousetrap is a selection that centers around a moment in Hamlet during the showing of The Murder of Gonzago, which Hamlet uses a a method to test King Claudius' intentions and his guilt regarding the murder of his brother and Hamlet's father. The author of the article uses it as way to examine the meaning of Shakespeare's plays on the whole and the reason why we find the plays of Shakespeare so pivoting when it comes to examining the human condition. The text itself alternates between comparing the meaning in the context of the play itself and the entire background of the novel as a whole.

The text recalls that "Over the years, Hamlet has taken on a huge and complex symbolizing function and as part of the institution called called English literature, it has become far more than a mere playby a mere playwright."

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