Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/5 What is Shakespeare: Group 1 articles

Meaning in Shakespeare- This article argues against the idea that the plays of Shakespeare hold a permanent, frozen meaning installed by Shakespeare and his inspirations at the time of the play’s conception; rather they adopt a new meaning, a new relevance, each time the play is performed.  As Hawkes points out, even Shakespeare supports this thesis in a conversation between Hamlet and Ophelia; Hamlet points out, when asked by Ophelia what the play (The Murder of Gonzago) means, that now, after he has manipulated it, it is meant to start mischief as he seeks proof of his uncle’s guilt, thus adopting a specific purpose.

Shakespeare: A Tribute-

“All French tragedies are parodies of themselves…  They resemble each other like shoes.”

“I don’t know who first had the idea of putting historical/political spectacles on stage… it was [Shakespeare] who raised this type of drama to a level that we must still take to be the highest, totally beyond the imagination of most.  And so there is very little chance that anyone will match, much less surpass him.”

“Shakespeare’s theater is a colorful gallery where the history of the world passes before our eyes on the invisible thread of time.”

“(Each Shakespeare play) revolves around an invisible point…where the characteristic quality of our being, our free will, collides with the inevitable course of the whole.”

“Nature proclaims her wisdom through Shakespeare.”  


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