Monday, September 9, 2013

She's The Man

Released in 2006, She's The Man is a movie appropriation of Shakespeare's famous play The Twelfth Night. When Viola's high school soccer team is cut she decides to disguise herself as her brother and attend his boarding school, Illyria, to prove that girls can play soccer just as well as boys. While disguised as her brother, Sebastian, Viola finds herself tangled in a web of love affairs with her new teammate Duke Orsino, fellow student Olivia Lennox, and her brother Sebastian.

In Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night, Viola washes up onto the shores of a land named Illyria after her ship sinks. To find work, Viola disguises herself as her brother, Cesario, whom she assumes died in the shipwreck. In this kingdom, a noble born named Orsino has fallen in love with Lady Olivia, who refuses to return his love because she is in mourning. A similar love web begins to develop as in She's The Man when Lady Olivia begins to fall for Cesario (Viola disguised as her brother), and Viola begins to fall for Orsino.


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