Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Group 2 Articles

Dennis Kennedy, "Shakespeare Without His Language"

Dennis Kennedy explores the results of the globalization of Shakespeare's various works and observes that the focus on language shifted to a focus on meaning, acting, and the overall production of the works. The production of Shakespeare in languages other than English lead to the transformation of Shakespeare from high cultured viewings to productions of new meaning, such as symbols of contemporary political and social movements.

"...foreign performances have explored scenographic and physical modes more openly than their Anglophone counterparts, often redefining the meaning of the plays in the process." (6)

"...representation of Shakespeare can exhibit powerful and intellectually new provocative visions of the present." (9)

Laura Bohannon, "Shakespeare in the Bush"

During a trip to the Tiv in West Africa, Laura Bohannon attempts to disprove her friend's claim that the main meanings of Shakespeare's works can be misunderstood. Due to the different beliefs of the African tribe and discrepancies in translating, Bohannon struggles to retain what she believes is the meaning of Hamlet.

"Hamlet was again a good story to them, but it no longer seemed quite the same story to me."

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