Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Group 1 Articles

Shakespeare: A Tribute

     The main theme that is present throughout this essay is that the author himself truly admires Shakespeare without a shadow of a doubt. The author believes that Shakespeare is this all knowing figure that is at an intellectual level and philosophical level far beyond anyone that has ever lived. Another point I seemed to detect was that the other truly despised the accusations that Shakespeare is a pirate and a thief by stating "whether or not the honor of being the originator falls to Shakespeare, it was he who raised this type of drama..." as well as bringing up the fact that theater and drama at this point is a prison compared to Shakespeare. The author also takes time to mock the Greeks and the French who claim their "vast achievements" when in his mind no one is like Shakespeare.

Meaning By Shakespeare

     In a whole I believe the author in this piece contradicts his final, and most solid argument, with the statements thrown onto the page in the opening twenty paragraphs. At first, he makes it overwhelmingly clear that he himself is trying to crack the individual meaning of this simple, three word phrase ,"it means mischief." In essence, the author rants on about his own personal and pompous "discoveries" of the million and one ways the phrase could be interpreted, only to create a second argument saying that the over analysis of Shakespearean plays are beginning to null and void the pure and original intention of the play himself. The author proposes that the society of constantly trying to decipher the intentions is going to completely take over the original work itself, making it lost in a sea of adaptations and "what ifs?"

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